How do I use the Navigation Menu?

What do all the buttons in the navigation menu do?

Here's an overview of the navigation menu items, and a brief explanation of each:

  • Listings - Listings is where you will view your listings and manage the showing availability for each. You will be able to see all booking requests and appointments, find your links to the listing calendar for your listing, see buyer feedback, send an offer link, and adjust any other listing settings not already managed by your MLS. 
  • Calendar - The calendar is where you will see all the showings that have been requested, booked, approved, or rescheduled by local buyers agents, from all your listings. You will also be able to view any showings you booked as a buyers agent. You can filter the appointment types that show up on your calendar as needed.
  • Buyer Showings - If you are both a Buyer’s Agent and a Seller’s Agent, this is where you will find any showings you booked, as a buyers agent, for your clients to see the listing(s) of other agents.
  • Account Settings - Clicking Account Settings will open up a sub-menu where you can choose to view your archived listings, or edit your profile settings.