How to Manage Your Listings

In this article, we'll show you all the functions within the Listings tab of your account.

Let's start at the top...

Listings Header Row

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 1.09.18 PM
On the left is the page title, we are looking at the Listings section in case you forgot :)

On the right, we have three buttons:

  • Archived Listings - Any listing you archive will go here, a lot like the recycle bin or trash can on your computers desktop. You should only archive a listing if you are done with all the information attached to that listing. This includes all past appointment data, feedback, and of course, this will disable your booking calendar so no future showings can be requested.
  • Add Listing - Because your MLS has partnered with Instashowing, your listings will automatically populate in this section. In the event that you have a listing outside of the MLS, for which you would like to setup a booking calendar, you may click this button to add one manually. You will add a photo, enter the property address, then you will be guided through the Listing Settings to complete the calendar setup.
  • Sync with MLS - Because your MLS has partnered with Instashowing, your listings will automatically populate in this section. We update new data from the MLS twice per hour. If you just added a new listing on the MLS, or made a change to an existing one, you click this button to populate the new data instead of waiting the 30 or so minutes for it to populate automatically.

Individual Listings

Below the header, all of your listings will appear, with the one at the top expanded to view all of the activity.
Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 1.41.26 PM

At the top of each listing, you will see a property image, followed by the street address, the listing status, notification count, and an arrow to indicate if this listing is expanded or collapsed. To open/expand or close/collapse any listing, just click on this address header.
Notifications indicate new activity-- bookings or feedback you haven't seen yet and may want to take action on.

Listing Options

The first row inside an opened listing is full of options.
Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 1.41.44 PM
  • Calendar URL/Copy Link - The first field includes a direct URL for your listing calendar. Since your MLS will automatically include a link to the booking calendar, you might not need to use this often, however if someone requests the link or you would like to share it with another agent directly, just click the Copy Link button to save it to your clipboard. You can paste this into a text, email, ad, or anywhere you like.
  • Listing Settings - This is where you decide all the rules for showings at this property. You will decide the daily availability for the property, activate/deactivate the listing, decide if someone will need to manually approve appointment requests, setup notifications for your seller and your team, adjust your requirements for the buyers, request feedback from those who have toured, and more! Click here for a walk-though of the Listing Settings section.
  • Download PDF - This is an easily downloadable marketing or summary piece you may decide to use with your clients. Click Here to see a sample of the document. This PDF will display your name and contact information at the top of the page. Below that, every requested appointment for this listing will appear, along with the time/date, agent contact info, and listing status/result for each request. Below the appointment requests, we display all the feedback received for this listing, along with the agent contact information. Using this data may assist with difficult conversations, like telling your client they need to make repairs or lower their asking price, as well as show off the results you achieved in getting buyers to the property.
  • Archive - You can archive any listing at any time. Archiving a listing will remove the booking calendar, any listing settings you customized, and any offers you received. Any data collected from bookings will be deleted as well, including appointment requests and feedback. You can restore the Archived listing later, however all data for the listing will be gone aside from the property thumbnail and street address.
  • Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 2.42.51 PMOffers - Note that this option will not appear if your MLS has requested this feature be disabled. This drop down will get you three options:
    • View Offers - Clicking this link will display all the offers you have received for this particular listing.
    • Copy Link - Choosing this option will copy a direct link to the offer submission page for this listing. You can then paste the URL into a text message, email, or anywhere that suits you. The buyer agent can then choose to submit their proposal and completed offer, or invite their client to complete the form. If the buyer drafts the proposal, it will be sent to the buyer agent for review before it gets submitted to the Listing Agent and Seller.
    • Create Offer - If you would like to submit an offer on your own listing, this could be because you represent the buyer as well, or this could be because an agent sent you a listing via email that you would like to save in the system along with the proposal details.

Listing Showings

  • Below is the Showings section. This is where you view/manage your requested appointments, and review any feedback you received for the listing. As the agent in control of this listing, you can see every requested appointment, even if someone else is assigned to approve appointment requests.
  • Below the word Showings, you'll see a checkbox all the way to the left. If you select this box, and/or two or more of the boxes below it, the Bulk Actions menu will appear on the right. This menu will allow you to Approve or Cancel your appointments in bulk.
  • To the right of the checkbox, you'll see four tabs available:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 2.55.25 PM
  • Pending - Appointments will only appear in this section if you have required manual approval for appointment requests. In the example above, the number inside the red circle indicates how many items in this section require your attention. Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 8.09.42 AM
    In the image above, each row an appointment request. You will see the proposed date and time for the showing, along with the name and contact information of the person who requested the appointment (usually the buyers agent). Requests will be listed sequentially, with the next upcoming appointment at the top.

    All the action buttons will appear on the right. Every request will include an Approve and a Cancel button so you can respond to requests individually.
    • Clicking Approve will move the appointment to the Approved section and a note will be sent to the requester to let them know the appointment was approved. The email will also include the property address, buttons to add the appointment to their calendars, links to reschedule or cancel their appointment, notes you've provided regarding the showing, and your direct contact information. 
    • Clicking Cancel will ask if you'd like to include a note with the cancellation, and once you confirm, the appointment will move over to the Cancelled tab.
    • The Pre-approval button will appear when uploaded with an appointment request. This is an optional field when a buyer agent requests an appointment. If you prefer, you can make it a requirement for the buyer agent to upload the document in order to request a showing appointment.
      • Buyer agents have the option to include a Pre-approval letter for their buyers when they submit their appointment request.
      • As the listing agent, you also have the option of requiring the buyer agent to upload a Pre-approval for their buyer in order to request an appointment. It's up to you if you want this field to be optional or required.
      • If a Pre-approval letter has been uploaded, a button will appear next to the others allowing you to access it. The document will be saved, even after the appointment takes place.
    • If any of the booking requests are for dates and times that have already passed, they will move to the Past Bookings section, displayed right below the upcoming appointments.
      Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 8.09.21 AM
      You might notice that the Approve and Cancel buttons have disappeared, but the request date/time, agent contact info, and Pre-approval letter are maintained for your review.
  • Approved - The approved requests tab is much like the others. You'll see the upcoming appointments followed by the past bookings. You will see the dates and times of those appointments, along with the contact info of the buyer agent who booked the appointment.
    Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 1.48.15 PM
    The action buttons include:
      • Cancel - Even if you (or your seller) approved the appointment originally, life happens. If you need to cancel, just click the Cancel button and decide if you need to include a note, and send. The buyer agent will get your note and cancellation, along with a link to reschedule if they'd like to.
      • Message - Use this button if you need to send a note to the buyer agent. Perhaps the seller has implemented a new set of house rules, you updated your lockbox combo, or you might be running late to their appointment.
  • Cancelled appointments are on the next tab. We display the date and time of the cancelled appointment, the contact information for the buyer agent, and we tell you who cancelled the appointment in case you'd like to follow up or reschedule. There are no action buttons on this page.
Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 2.51.22 PM
  • The last section displays responses from all completed Feedback forms you have received for this property. If you have decided to allow the feedback survey to be sent to your buyer agents (an option under Listing Settings) every response will be displayed here.

    You can choose to share this information with your seller automatically in their dashboard, or if you prefer, you can share anything you think is relevant to them manually, on a case by case basis.
    Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 2.57.11 PM
    The responses in this tab may help you make informed decisions with your seller about pricing, maintenance, any other changes that might speed up the sale. If the seller insisted on a higher asking price than you suggested, maybe they'll reconsider after several buyer agents say the price was above market value. If you suggested they invest in a gardener to clean up the yard and they left it as-is, perhaps getting commentary from completed showings could convince them to invest a few dollars on curb appeal.

    A custom question can be added to the survey if you want to know something specific about the listing or property.

Listing Settings

This is where the magic happens. Click the Listing Settings button to edit the booking settings for your listing. Note that if you manually create a listing, you will see all the same options. The Settings are broken into five sections:
  • Basic Details - Here you will see the listing address, thumbnail image, and the calendar status.
    Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.09.57 AM
    • The address of your property and image thumbnail will be displayed on all communications concerning appointment requests. Type/update the address as needed. Upload a listing photo to show agents they are in the right place.
      • If you created this listing manually using the Add Listing button in the Listings section, you may edit these fields freely.
      • If this listing was added through the MLS, (and Automatically synced to Instashowing) you will notice that you cannot edit the listing address. To update the address, visit your MLS and edit your listing address there. Once you have made the desired changes, click Save, and return to Instashowing. The changes will update automatically within a 30 minutes, however if you click the Sync with MLS button in the top-right corner of the Listings section, the listing will update immediately.
    • Next is a toggle that allows you to keep your showing calendar Active, or you can Deactivate the booking calendar for this listing. If a listing is Deactivated will hide the booking calendar, preventing further appointment requests. Unlike Archiving the listing, Deactivating will retain all the data, related to the property collected so far. You simply won't be taking any future appointments.
  • Showing Availability - This is where you setup the booking calendar for the property. You will set property availability, appointment duration, and minimum required notice. You can change the settings on the left side of the screen, and a live preview of your calendar to the right.Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.12.46 AM
    • Available Dates - Choose the date for when showings can begin at the property, then decide on when you will stop accepting booking requests.
      • Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.13.13 AMStart Date - This is the date of the first available booking. If the property is active now, you might opt for booking to start today. If the property isn't active yet, you will likely choose a date in the future, when it goes live.
        If this listing was created through the MLS, you are unable to edit the start date. This is populated with the date the listing will become active with the MLS. 
      • End Date - You are given three options for the end date of your booking calendar.
        • Rolling Number of Days into the Future - Choosing this option will allow people to book a certain number of days ahead from the date they book, but no further. If you selected 7 days, anyone booking right now would be able to book (within your time parameters) throughout the next seven days. No appointments will be available on day 8 or later. Since the date is rolling, the same will be true tomorrow, and the next day.
        • Specific Date - You can stop collecting bookings on a certain date. If you have an end date on your contract, or if you want to strategize if the house is still available on a particular date, you might choose this option.
        • Indefinitely into the Future - If you want to allow agents to book any date in the future, months from now if they choose, select this option. If necessary, you can always cancel future appointments in bulk if the property sells in the meantime.
    • Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.13.28 AMAppointment Duration - Decide how long you think each appointment should last. If the property is small, buyers might need just a few minutes. If the property is larger, you might need to allow for more time. Select the time allotment that works best for this property and/or your seller.
    • Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.14.08 AM
        Available Times - Decide what times your calendar will begin and end on a daily basis.Everyday - Keeping this selected will let you set a universal start and end time that will apply to every day on your calendar. 
        • Customize Days - If you would like to set different default start and end times for each day of the week, choose this option. You will be able to block entire days or choose begin and end times that vary for each day of the week.
        • Add Breaks - After selecting available days, and start/end times, you will see an option to Add Breaks. Breaks allow you to remove other times from the calendar, including repeating or stand-alone appointments.
          Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.25.32 AM
          • Set the Time for the Break:
            • All Day - Will an entire day be removed from your calendar?
            • Specific Time - Will this break only remove part of the day from the calendar?
          • Set Days for the Break:
            • Specific Date - Is this break happening once, on a specific day?
            • Multiple Days - Will this break be repeated on specific days of the week?
      • Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.15.13 AMMinimum Required Notice - How much notice is needed before a showing? Agents will not be able to book appointments less than this many hours in advance. If a property is vacant, you might not need any notice. If a property is being rented, you likely have to provide minimum required notice of at least 48hrs before entering the home. If it is vacant, you might not need any notice at all.
    • Approval & Notifications - This step is where you decide if the appointments for this listing will require manual approval, and who will get which notifications.
      • Booking Approval & Notifications - If someone books an appointment, will you require someone to approve the request, or will it be approved automatically?
        • Approved Automatically - When someone books an appointment, they'll get an immediate confirmation on screen, as well as via text and email. No one will need take the extra step of approving requests, and all your contacts set to receive notifications will be told about the confirmed appointment.
        • Manual Approval Required - When a buyers agent books an appointment,  the confirmation screen will say that the appointment has been requested, and they'll be notified as soon as the appointment is approved (or rescheduled/cancelled). When this is selected, at least one of your contacts needs to have the Approvals checkbox selected inside their contact record. Those who do will be notified as soon as the appointment request is submitted, along with a link to immediately manage their appointment. 
      • Manage Contacts - Here, you decide who will get notifications about confirmed/cancelled appointments, and who will be able to review and approve/cancel requested appointments (if you have selected the Manual Approval option above).
        • Default Contact - You will be added to this contact list by default. You cannot remove yourself. We require that you get some form of notification for requested appointments, and you probably want to know what's going on with your property anyway. You can edit this contact, and limit the notifications by deciding if you'd like to know about only confirmed/cancelled appointments, or if you prefer to know about appointment requests that have been submitted, so you can manage those appointments. You can also choose to enable only one form of communication, rather than elect to receive both texts and emails.
        • Add Contact - If you'd like to add other contacts (perhaps the seller, or a teammate?) click Add Contact.
          Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.30.22 AM
          A search window will appear. At the top, you'll see tabs for Seller and Team Member.
          • Existing Contacts - If you have already created contact record for the person you'd like to add, select the proper role/tab, and start typing the name, email, or phone number for the contact. A drop down menu will appear with the matching contacts. Select the one you want to associate with this listing
          • Create New Contact - If your contact hasn't been added yet, click the Create New Contact link below the search field.
            Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.31.46 AM
            • First, select the Contact Type, this will either be the Seller, or someone on your Team. Next, input their Name, Email Address, and Phone Number. This information will be used to send notifications and/or approvals.
              • Appointment Approval - Do you want this contact to receive appointment requests, allowing them to approve and cancel all appointment requests for this listing? This will only happen if you have Manual Approval selected.
              • Appointment Notifications - Should this person receive notifications when an appointment is confirmed (or cancelled) for this listing?
              • Settings for this Listing - Under Role, choose which communications this contact will get.
            • Under Contact Via, you will decide if this person should get the notifications you selected via text message, email, or both.
        • Your contacts will be displayed in a chart, showing you the contact name and email address, followed by icons showing which notifications and permissions they will get, their role, and the edit & remove icons. To see if the contact is getting texts, emails, or both, you'll need to click the edit icon.Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 12.09.05 PM
          Once you have added all the right contacts getting the proper notifications, click Save & Continue to move to the next page.
    • Instructions & Feedback - This is where you'll can make customizations including notes to buyer agents, be fore and after they book their appointments, settings for collecting feedback, allowing simultaneous bookings, and more. Everything on this page is optional.
      • Additional Settings - Decide what is sent, what is seen, and by whom.
        • Comments to Display on Booking Page: These are comments that will be displayed to the buyer agent as they enter their contact information while booking an appointment. Some people mention Open House dates/times, property showing rules (i.e. covid restrictions, shoe removal/booties, etc.), even property highlights. 
        • Comments to Send Agents with Confirmed Appointments: As soon as an appointment is confirmed, an update text/email will be sent to the agent who booked it. The texts you share in this field will be included in this email. This field is often used for lockbox locations and codes, information on who might be present at the property, or anything else you wouldn't necessarily share before an appointment is approved/confirmed.
        • Require Pre-Approval Letter for Showings: When an agent is booking an appointment, including a pre-approval letter for their buyer is always an option. If you turn this toggle on, uploading a pre-approval letter will be a requirement for any buyer agent trying to book. These can be reviewed when the appointment request is submitted.
        • Show buyer agent details to seller: If you have your Seller setup to approve appointments, we hide the buyer agent name and contact info. If you would like them to be able to see this information, make sure you turn this toggle on.
        • Allow multiple bookings on same time: If you would like to allow more than one appointment to be scheduled at a time, you can toggle this option to on. Next you'll be able to decide how many appointments can take place simultaneously. Choosing '3' will mean that there can be three different (approved) appointments scheduled for the exact same time slot before it becomes unavailable.
        • Appointment Reminder: If this switch is on, a reminder will be sent to each buyer agent, two hours before their scheduled appointment. 
        • Accept Offers: If you would like "Submit an Offer" links to be included in our communications with the buyer agent, turn this toggle on. You will be notified of submitted offers, and you will be able to review, download, and share them as needed.
      • Feedback - We can send out a short feedback survey about the listing, after each appointment.
        • Request Feedback - if this switch is on, we will send out a short feedback survey to the buyer agent, approximately one hour after their showing.
        • Share Feedback - If this is on, your Seller will be able to see the feedback you have received on this listing from their seller dashboard. Otherwise, you can share the responses as you see fit.
        • Custom Feedback Question - This will be displayed as the sixth question in your survey for this property. This will be an open ended question with a text field supplied for the answer.
    • Access Type - The final tab lets you inform the buyer agent about who will be present at the showing. The Seller will be present, I/You, the Listing Agent will be present, or Other-- which does require you to include further information-- lockbox information, tenant info, assistant info, etc.