How do I use the Listings Section?

An overview of the Listings section

After login, you will always be brought to the Listings section of your Instashowing Dashboard, because that’s where our product begins. 

Since your MLS is an Instashowing Partner, you should already see your listings appear in this space. You won’t have to enter them manually because Instashowing automatically syncs with your MLS database every half hour.

If you would like to see the changes you made in the MLS reflected on the Instashowing Dashboard immediately, click the Sync with MLS button in the upper right. We will sync to the MLS to pull their most recent data, updating our database, and the data you see here.

By default, the first listing will be expanded to show the extra data. To see the details of any other listing, click on the header where you see the street address for the listing. 

If you see a number on the right side of the listing header, it indicates that you have one or more pending showing appointment that needs your approval. Just to the right of the address, you will see if the showing calendar is active or inactive, the status can be changed in the Listing Settings, section of the appropriate listing.