Where do I find the Feedback & Showing History for my Listing?

Summary of the Data displayed with each Individual Listing

There is a lot of information in each listing. Once a listing is expanded, you’ll see a field with a URL in it, followed by a button that says Copy Link. Clicking this button will add the URL to your clipboard, so you can paste it elsewhere. You might place this link in an email to a colleague, or use this link as the CTA destination for any digital marketing or social media you may be doing to attract buyers and their agents.

To the right of that, is a Listing Settings button. Clicking this will allow you to change the showing calendar availability, setup notifications and rules for showing approvals, manage survey settings, set the listing to Active/Inactive, and setup automatic informational texts which are sent to the buyers agent upon booking confirmation. All of these options in Listing Settings will be discussed in detail just a little later in this article.

Download PDF is the next button to the right. Clicking this button will generate a PDF including your headshot (Profile Photo) next to your contact information, followed by some data related to the specific listing. The first section of data in the report lists all your showing appointments for this listing, along with the contact information of each buyer's agent and the status of their booking appointment(s). The following section will report on any feedback received from the buyer's agent after a showing. Note: Collecting this feedback is optional, and the feature must be turned on before anything is collected. This option can be found in the Listing Settings section of each listing.

The final button on this row is Archive. If you want to remove this listing from your list, click the Archive button to remove it. Moving a listing to the archive will remove the showing data from the listing. The Archive is accessible from your Account Settings menu. Note: You still have the option to simply hide it instead, by setting the listing to Inactive through the Listing Settings button.

Below these buttons, is the Requests section, as in showing requests. This is where you’ll see all of the showing related activity for this listing, including requests and post-showing feedback. 

You can navigate through each section using the section headers. If you see a number next to any of these section headers, it depicts the number of records in that section. The checkboxes on the left of each line item will allow you to select more than one record at a time using the Bulk Actions menu, which will appear in the upper right, just below the Archive button.

  • Pending - A request for a showing that hasn’t been approved yet. You may approve, reschedule or decline the appointment from this tab. 
  • Approved - Every approved showing will be listed in this section. You will see date and time followed by the buyer agent's contact information. You also have the ability to Message the buyer agent, or Delete the appointment from this record. Delete will not send a notification, so make sure you contact agents to let them know if their appointment is now cancelled. Again, you have checkboxes on the left, allowing you to Message or Delete in bulk using the Bulk Actions menu on the right.
  • Cancelled - If any showing appointments have been cancelled by you or the buyers agent, you will see the original, cancelled, showing date and time, which party rescheduled/cancelled, followed by the contact information of the buyer’s agent. 
  • Feedback - The last section is for client feedback. Within the Listing Settings on each listing, you can decide to request client feedback in the Additional Settings section. If you opt to request client feedback for a listing, Instashowing will send a note to the buyers agent requesting they complete a quick survey. Any responses to that survey will appear here along with the contact information of the buyer's agent.