Why can't I login to the Instashowing App?

Agents who use Instashowing through their MLS may use our App, available for iOS and Android

Instashowing now offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, however it is currently only available to users who use Instashowing through their MLS. If you already downloaded the app, but you are having trouble logging in, here are a few things to double check:

  • Confirm you downloaded the right app. Yes, this might seem silly, but there are quite a few apps available with "insta" and/or "showing" in their names. Just take a quick peek at the name of the app you installed, and verify the logo matches ours. It never hurts do double check
  • Confirm that you are an MLS user. If your MLS provides your Instashowing account, and you are able to login through your MLS dashboard, you are in fact an MLS user. Currently the app is only available to MLS users, so if you are an individual agent, this would be the reason you are unable to login. We do have plans plan to introduce an app for individual agents in the future.
  • Confirm you are using the correct login information. As an MLS user, you probably login through your MLS dashboard and don't need to enter your Instashowing credentials to login often. If you login to the app, you will need to sign in with your Username (not your email address, unless the two are identical) and Password.

If you have tried these things, and are still having trouble? 

It would be helpful if you are prepared to provide the model of your phone and what software version it is currently running. If you need help finding that information, click here for instructions.

Please contact us so that we can help you figure out the error.

What model of mobile device are you using? As much detail as you are able to provide. Example: iPhone 12 mini, iPad Air 4th Generation, LG V60, etc.
  • If you have an iPhone, this link will help you find your model number.
  • If you are using an Android phone, this link should help you get both the phone model and operating system version. No need to go past Step 4.
What is the version number of your phones operating system?

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